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Digital Diary Ep.4

Consumer Electronics Show is a major technology-related trade show held each January in Las Vegas. With over 20,000 new products at the show this year, the recently concluded CES brought the latest innovation technology that will shape the year ahead. It has everything imaginable in the world of tech from iPhone cases, to tablets, to [...]

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Apple WWDC brought Christmas in June!

No, I wasn’t at the Apple worldwide Developers Conference today in San Francisco. Physically, at least. But my mind and heart were. I was following like a deranged stalker all updates from journalists at the venue. I witnessed the Keynote, thanks to liveblogs. And just I expected, Apple announced a lot of beauty, power and [...]

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Siri … No, it’s Vangie!

So iPhone 4s tops your Christmas wishlist, eh? I know – it has all the features you want, and more. Of course, Siri is the main attraction. But do you really need Siri? If you’re Pinoy, why not consider Vangie! 

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I was getting ready for work when my 11-year-old son came into the room and said, “Mom, breaking news. Steve Jobs died.” My son knew that this was big news for me, not just as a new media journalist, but personally as well. He knew I love Apple products, and I greatly admire the passion, [...]

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Apple launches iPad2

“Once you pick up iPad 2, it’ll be hard to put down.” Oh-uh. Sounds tempting. I told myself  before I have no use for an iPad. I like working comfortably – the bigger the machine, the better. I don’t care if I have to lug it around, as long as I have a full keyboard, all [...]

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Store’s down, iPad2 up in a while

I wanted to browse the Mac Store, but when I got there, this greeted me: Okay, I’ve seen this sight a few days ago when they launch the new mine of Macbook Pros – the very same day I got my 15″. So I guess it’s going to be the IPad2 now, huh? I wonder [...]

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