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Digital Diary Ep.2

Mom gives son an iPhone, but with a catch!

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Digital Diary

It’s been a year since I made an entry here. Work was a slavedriver, that’s why. And when 2013 entered, more work piled up. On top of my usual duties, I took on a segment for a morning show on TV. So just to keep this ‘diary’ of mine updated, I will be posting my [...]

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10 sites defaced on Independence Day

PrivateX hackers group defaced ten government websites on Independence Day, in what they claim as a protest against provisions of a pending cyber security legislation. The websites, with mostly domains, are redirected here: The defaced are: The homepage of the Office of the Vice President, the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute of the Department of Science [...]

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Apple WWDC brought Christmas in June!

No, I wasn’t at the Apple worldwide Developers Conference today in San Francisco. Physically, at least. But my mind and heart were. I was following like a deranged stalker all updates from journalists at the venue. I witnessed the Keynote, thanks to liveblogs. And just I expected, Apple announced a lot of beauty, power and [...]

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When the store is down, something’s coming up!

The only time I get excited when a page is down is when it’s the Apple Store. I checked half an hour ago, and true enough, this greeted me: It usually means something new products are coming! The Worldwide Developers Conference is at 1PM ET today – that’s 1am in Manila. I say it’s worth [...]

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Philippines’ top 9 universities

Wondering where to send your kid to college? This might help. compiled a list of  top universities all over the country that offer the best tertiary education. The article says, “Data have been sourced from the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) list of higher educational institutions which are considered centers of excellence and development.” [...]

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LinkedIn passwords compromised

  Mashable put out an article yesterday about the 6.46 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords leaked online. The report says: A Russian forum user claims he has hacked LinkedIn, uploading 6,458,020 encrypted passwords (without usernames) as proof. The passwords are encrypted with the SHA-1 cryptographic hash function, used in SSL and TLS and generally considered to be [...]

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