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LinkedIn passwords compromised

  Mashable put out an article yesterday about the 6.46 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords leaked online. The report says: A Russian forum user claims he has hacked LinkedIn, uploading 6,458,020 encrypted passwords (without usernames) as proof. The passwords are encrypted with the SHA-1 cryptographic hash function, used in SSL and TLS and generally considered to be [...]

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Twitter now in Filipino

Twitter is now available in Filipino, including both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Hindi and Malay. These new choices join the 12 other languages that Twitter had already supported. Last week, Twitter announced that they have now 100 million active users worldwide, and  with these new languages Twitter will now be more easily accessible to almost [...]

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Google+ Cheat Sheet

So you are on Google Plus now. It’s pretty neat there, right? I personally love it more than Facebook. So easy to share stuff, and it comes out really pristine and beautiful! Then you noticed that some of your friends posts have some bold letters, or italics, or even strikethroughs on them. How’d they it? Here’s [...]

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The mother of all Gmail shortcuts

Shortcut-hungry in Gmail? Try this: Shift + ? Viola! You will get a shortcut cheat sheet on top of your inbox or whatever you’ve loaded up into your account. Note though, you have to enable shortcuts in your Gmail settings. To do that, pop into your settings panel > General > Keyboard shortcuts. Or, after [...]

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How to: Make Facebook Share Count display the number

Tinkered with WordPress the whole day to customize Facebook share count and Tweetmeme. I finally did it by manually inserting in the codes on the php files. The last step was to make the count bubble appear automatically, even before clicking ‘Share’. I went to look at the repository of Facebook where the share count [...]

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