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It’s more fun in the Philippines

How I found the fun in the Philippines

I admit. It didn’t blow me away. It didn’t rock my world. It didn’t shake me to the core. It didn’t wow me. When I first found out that the new slogan of the Department of Tourism was “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, I was NR – no reaction. I was disappointed that it [...]

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I was getting ready for work when my 11-year-old son came into the room and said, “Mom, breaking news. Steve Jobs died.” My son knew that this was big news for me, not just as a new media journalist, but personally as well. He knew I love Apple products, and I greatly admire the passion, [...]

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Sleep your way to the top

Before you react, or get any wicked ideas, let me make it clear:  Sleep your way to the top – literally! That’s what Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post founder, said in her 4-minute TED Talk emphasizing the value of sleep. It is simple, yet, brilliant.  A good night’s sleep — such a small and ordinary idea, yet [...]

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Of Photo Ops, Photoshop… Photo Fail!

The Philippines’ Department of Public Works and Highways took a major flak from the online community when they posted on their Facebook page a photo release where three of their top officials were shown assessing the damage of Manila Bay’s seawall after Typhoon Pering (International name: Nesat) hit the country last weekend. Unfortunately for them, [...]

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As pointless as a plank

“Planking” is an activity that involves lying face down in an unusual location – the stranger, the better. The hands must touch the sides of the body and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the internet is an integral part of the game. Yesterday, during a nationwide transport strike, youth protesters engaged [...]

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Help the Swimming Kids Go to School

I posted a story on the Yellow Boat of Hope a few months ago. It was when the ‘swimming kids’ of Layag-layag, in Zamboanga first got their boat, Bagong Pag-asa (New Hope). Only five months had passed, the people behind the Zamboanga Funds for Little Kids are not only helping those in Zamboanga, but they’ve also [...]

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9/11: Ten Years Later

9/11: Ten Years Later

Ten years ago, the world stood in shock watching the simultaneous terrorist attacks in America, the most notable was the collapse of the World trade Center. I remember. The world remembers. I don’t think it will ever be forgotten. This infographic revisits what happened and retraces the torturous path that brought us to the poignant [...]

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