DOTC Website Hacked!

Early Thursday morning, the Department of Transportation and Communication’s website opened with the photo of secretary Mar Roxas replaced with the hacker group’s logo.

After a few seconds, visitors were presented with a popup message that read “#OpSecure”. When you click on the “OK” button, you’ll be redirected to the page which shows the following message:

“We the PrivateX mean no harm in defacing this site, we just want to show the current situation of our cyber-culture, especially here in our country,” PrivateX said in its page.

The page is the same page where users were redirected to when the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute’s website was also hacked earlier this month.

Mid-morning, the website showed a blank page, with the words “It works!” I guess the admins we’re able to take over again.

There had been several government websites defaced in the previous months, including the Office of the Vice President’s. But it’s not only government websites that  are prone to being hacked. Even GMA News’, with all their people in their IT Department wasn’t spared at one point.

This incident once again reminds all SysAdmins that security is the main priority.



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