Fight the rain!

Once upon a time in ancient Japan….

Ooops, wrong post. That picture is totally not in ancient Japan, more like today in Manila.

No, I am not doing a surveillance of the area to launch an attack (or jump off a building, whichever way you see it). See that ‘samurai sword’? ;) Cool, eh? But it’s not really a sword – but how it wish was! – but an umbrella! 

The rain falls softly.
The samurai draws his sword.
Look, an umbrella.*

It’s my latest toy. It was love at first sight when I saw it on I am not an umbrella person. I’d rather be caught in the rain than carry an umbrella around, but when I saw it, I wanted one! I could see myself carrying that umbrella with me.

It’s one fun umbrella bound to keep the rain off, and probably get you noticed at the same time. No one will mess with you with this slung across your back. It is awesome!

I was just hesitant to order online because it comes out pretty steep with the international shipping charges. Too pricey for an umbrella that I might just lose the next day. Yes, I’ve lost a lot of umbrellas in my life – another reason why I don’t like bringing umbrellas.

Luckily, via @carloople (thank you, Twitter!) and, I found a seller on Facebook! Yay! No need for expensive international shipping!

Below SRP on Facebook sells it for only PHP495 (more or less $11), compared to $19.99-$29.99 online prices. So I ordered two – one for me, and one for my son who I knew would love to have his own.

Christine and Raymond, the couple behind Below SRP, were very considerate when I was unavailable to get the umbrellas at the pickup point. They sent it via courier when it was apparent that I couldn’t make it. I give them +1 (haha! geek’s equivalent of an A?) for customer service! Check ‘em out.

Just get ready for inspection when you go to establishments with security guards. They would want to check it if it’s really an umbrella like you said. And then goes the “Oh, wow! It really is an umbrella! Where did you buy it?” :D




*Haiku from



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  1. BELOW SRP August 24, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    sweetness!! THANKS A LOT!!

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