Angry Birds flying to the web

I’ve been watching the Google I/O Developers Conference via livestream for the past two nights now. And I’ve pretty much caught up the juicy parts, until my eyes closed (16 hours time difference between Manila and San Francisco).

Last night, Peter Vesterbacka, head of Rovio, announced that they are bringing the popular Angry Birds game to the biggest platform out there — the Web vi Google Chrome browser.

The game is available free of charge in Google Chrome Web Store in ‘beta’.

Of course, I headed there right away, and true enough, the  birdies were waiting for me to install them in my browser.

Rovio has built some special levels available only for the Chrome browser and the game includes some Chrome-specific tidbits like Chrome rocks, flowers, and clouds.

Thanks to Google Chrome’s offline caching, the entire “Angry Birds” game will be playable without an Internet connection.

But the best part I saw during that announcement was Vesterbacka’s hoodie!

I. Want. One! =))


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