Dream. Focus. Adapt.

To keep up with life, we sometimes have no choice but to run. But simply running won’t just cut it. We need to know where we’re going.

Focus. Aim for that goal. Reach that destination.

As a mom, I have to set goals for my family, and along the way, when things don’t go as planned, I adapt to the changes and make the most out of things – but I make sure I do it with the best possible choice.

And that’s how I am as well when it comes to my gear, gadgets and tools. I know that in completing a project, I have to use the best tools I can have.

Same goes for my shoes. When I go out, an outfit is not complete without the perfect shoes. This is specially true when I run, I need to have the perfect shoes, and it goes beyond aesthetics. I need a pair that adapts to ‘me‘ – a pair that I can say was made “especially for me.”

That’s why I think Somnio running shoes are the perfect shoes for me. I believe that being well-equipped is already winning half the battle, and wearing the perfect shoes is already halfway to your goal.

And it is my dream to win those Somnio running shoes from unbox.ph.

Don't be fooled by theses beauties. They are power-packed!

Don't be fooled by theses beauties. They are power-packed!

Now, unbox.ph may be “the ultimate resource for everything awesome for men”, but I have to disagree. ‘Everything awesome’ knows no gender. That’s why I’ve been a follower of their Facebook page since it was created.



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